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Camphill Village Trust

Handmade Wooden Spoon

Handmade Wooden Spoon

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Handmade wooden spoon

These beautifully tactile wooden spoons are full of character and have been hand-carved by Steven and Federico, two of the people we support at The Woodlands Studio in Botton Village.

Every piece is individual and no two will ever look the same, the different types of wood used, make these spoons even more unique. They are light in weight yet strong and durable due to the makers carefully following the grain's shape and paying attention to every piece of wood.

These particular spoons are all carved from hazelwood, hazel wood is sustainable as it regrows when cut.

All varying sizes.

Rest assured that the wood is ethically sourced from our Botton Village community.

Care instructions:
Please don't put your new spoon in the dishwasher or leave it in water for extended periods.
Pat dry with a cloth and let it air dry.
Oil once a month with your favourite, unscented oil ( we recommend nut oil or olive oil)
Rub with a slice of lemon if any strong flavours have seeped into the wood.

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