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Camphill Village Trust

Willow Foraging Backpack

Willow Foraging Backpack

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Handmade wooden backpack

We are so excited to share these fantastic hand-made, willow backpacks with you!

Hand crafted with care, and attention to detail by Fed, Ian, Catherine and Sarah in the Woodland Studio in our Botton Village community. Made from sustainable willow that has been grown in the Community gardens. The backpack features adjustable leather straps for comfort and convenience.

Whether you are a seasoned forager or just starting out, this elegantly, rustic backpack is a must-have accessory.

With their artisanal craftsmanship, each backpack is one-of-a-kind.

Happy foraging.


  • Backpack 1- H-39cm, W-34cm,D-22cm
  • Backpack 2- H-34cm, W-34cm, D-27cm- NB: This backpack isn't as symmetrical as backpack 1, this does not affect use, we think it adds character.
  • Backpack 3- H-28cm, W-35cm, D- 30cm.


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