Preserve, Strawberry Jam - Organic

Preserve, Strawberry Jam - Organic

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A natural product made of only of organic fruit, with organic sugar and lemons.

We add a little pectin to our strawberries, which enables us to reduce the amount of sugar we add to this 'extra' jam so that the fruit can dominate.

Each batch will vary according to the natural variation of the fruit, but on the whole, this is not a firm set jam as we want the taste to be as fruity as possible. The lemon lifts the flavour so it is not overly sweet.

This is our most popular product, so when it has all sold out we have to wait until next years harvest!

Contains no artificial preservatives, so once opened please store in the fridge.  260ml

We aim to preserve the freshness of the fruit so that you can enjoy our high quality products.

Handmade by people we support at Camphill Village Trust Botton Village, North York Moors.


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