Who made my oven gloves?

Who made my oven gloves?

Our Creative Studio at Botton Village was developed through lockdown and unites our Weavery and the Press into one creative, relaxing and therapeutic space. The people we support join volunteers and staff to learn, develop or share their knowledge, skills and collaboratively create a wide variety of art, textile and papercrafts.

Zoey and Catherine live in Botton Village and attend the Creative Studio twice a week. They both have a wealth of experience in weaving and enjoy choosing colours and patterns to weave fabric for our famous oven gloves and a variety of other beautiful products that you will find here on our shop website.

Donations of materials are always welcome and we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities across our community should you wish to join us.

Shop our oven gloves and other handmade items; items that make a difference as all purchases go towards us supports adults with learning and other disabilities lead a life of opportunity. 

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