Meet the Maker - Nick from Botton Village

Meet the Maker - Nick from Botton Village

The people we support create some of the handmade gifts and items we sell on our online shops. 

Our retail officer, Suzi, interviewed Nick, a person we support at Botton Village.  

Find out all about Nick and his favourite workshops at Camphill Village Trust! 

Wood workshop Camphill Village Trust

How long have you lived in Botton Village?

I have lived here since 1979, so 45 years. 

What did you do before you came to Botton Village?

I grew up in Muswell hill, I lived with my Mum and Dad and my dog, Hamish boy, and then I moved to the Camphill community in Newton Dee where I worked as a farm hand and I also started my wood working there. 

Which workshops do you attend at Botton Village?

I am now partly retired but I still go to the Woodland Studio, I have been going there since I first moved to Botton. 

Wood workshop Camphill Village Trust

What kind of things do you do at the Woodlands Studio in Botton Village?

I use the saw and the drill, I plain wood and cut wood, I thread things and glue things and I do some sanding.  

Wood workshop Camphill Village Trust

What kind of things do you make there?

Oh, I have helped to make the wooden toys, like the passenger engine trains and the pull along rabbit and most recently I sanded down some parts for the play frames and helped to put them together, I have made all sorts of different things. 

Handmade wooden toy train Camphill Village Trust

What is your favourite part of working in the Woodlands Studio and being in Botton Village? 

I enjoy being in the countryside, I have lots of friends here, I feel like I have been adopted into my big Yorkshire family, I have met so many nice people here, I feel safe and happy because everyone knows each other, and everyone is so friendly. 

Working in the Woodland Studio is perfect for me because I love working with wood; I’m actually building a little boat at the minute. 

Wood workshop Camphill Village Trust

What do you do in your spare time? 

I attend a group called ‘Tools’ every Tuesday. We fix and repurpose old tools and send them over to countries that can’t afford to buy new ones, that’s nice, isn’t it?  

I am a useful person, and I can do any job.  

Recently, I have been making things from wood for our house, I made some planter boxes and some wooden decorations. 

I am looking forward to getting my new shed which will have more space for my tools, so I will be able to make more things at home.  

I also like trains; I’ve just been to Wales where I went on the Blaenavon Heritage Railway. 

Thank you, Nick!

To support our cause and people like Nick, shop our collection of handmade wooden toys and wooden items. All purchases made go towards us supporting adults with learning and other disabilities to lead a life of opportunity.

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